Theme Settings


  1. Go to Store Admin > Online Store > Themes.
  2. Click Actions and then select Edit languages from the dropdown.
    Edit languages

Logo and Favicon

Upload favicon and logo


  • Upload your favicon. Recommend PNG format. Size is 32px*32px.


  • Logo type: You can use SVG or image for your store logo.
  • SVG file name: Input the SVG file name you uploaded. Watch this video to see how to register SVG logo in this theme.
  • Logo image: Upload the logo
  • Mobile logo image(optional): If you have your special logo for mobile devices, upload it here
  • Custom logo width: Set maximum logo width


RTL settings

Switch to RTL

  • Swith layout direction to RTL
Layout settings
  • Page width: Set page container width.
  • Add a promotion section at the top: This option will add a service promotion section at the top of the page.
  • Pagination Dots: Set the style of carousels.
Login Popup

Enable login popup

  • Shows a popup dialog for customer login when this option is enabled
Login Popup
  • Enable breadcrumb: Add breacrumb to pages except landing page
  • Breadcrumb top border height: Set border height of breadcrumb
Image settings
  • Enable lazyload for images: Option for lazyload images. Recommended for page loading speed
  • Show second product image on hover: On product cards, show secondary product image if it exists.
Block title
  • Block title style: Set block title styles
Map settings

You can set your store location information on google maps. If you are not going to use google maps, you can skip this settings.

  • Google API key: Google maps API key. See details how to get API key
  • Latitude: Latitude of your store. See how to get Latitude and Longitude on google maps.
  • Longitude: Longitude of your store
  • Map style: Each demo uses different style of google maps. You can change map style here.
  • Enable scroll to top: Show scroll top icon at the bottom right corner of page. Scroll to top


Quick settings for basic colors.

Main color configuration

Set theme colors

Button color configuration
  • Default button: Set default button style
    • Default button color: Set default button border and text color.
    • Default hover color: Set default button color when mouse hover.
  • Transparent button: Set transparent button style.
    • Transparent button color: You can only set the button color here.
  • Secondary button: Set secondary button style.
    • Secondary button background: Set background
    • Secondary button text color: Set text color
    • Secondary button hover background: Set background-color when mouse hovered.
    • Secondary button hover color: Set text color when mouse hovered.
  • Third button: Set third button style.
    • Third button background: Set background color.
    • Third button text color: Set text color.
    • Third button hover background: Set background-color when mouse hovered.
    • Third button hover color: Set text color when mouse hovered.
  • Add cart button: Set a add cart button style.
    • Add cart button background: Set background color
    • Add cart button border: Set border color
    • Add cart button text: Set text color

Background and border color of Default button, Transparent button and Add cart button become theme color(defined above setting) when mouse hover. Text color of these tree buttons become Default hover color.


Set headings, body text, buttton and menu fonts.

Color configuration


Newsletter configuration
Newsletter Popup
Enable/Disable newsletter popup Enable or disable newsletter
Popup appear time Set the popup appear time. 5 or 6 seconds recommended.
Background image Set the background image of newsletter.
Recommended size is 760px for width and 450px for height.
Form content type Select form styles.
Content position Select position of the content:
  • Left - Show content on the left
  • Center - Show content in the center
  • Right - Show content on the right
Subtitle Set top text
Title Form title
Description Form description
Button Text Input button title
Background color Set background color of the newsletter popup dialog
Subtitle color Set text color of subtitle
Title color Set text color of form title
Description color Set text color of description
Button color Set button color. This only works for free delivery style.
Subtitle font size Set font size of subitle
Title font size Set font size of form title
Description font size Set font size of description
Custom HTML Set custom HTML. This only works when Form content type is set to Custom HTML


  1. To sell in multiple currencies, you need to set markets in Store Admin.
    See more details about currencies from Multi-currency Documentation.
  2. Go to Theme customization > Theme settings > Currency. Set your required values.
  3. Click Save
    Configure currencies

Collection Page

See official documentation about collections.

Collection page sidebar

Show/Hide sidebar: Set sidebar position - right or left. Sidebar can be disabled by setting this option to hide

Collection page configuration
  • Show collections menu in sidebar: Add menu in the sidebar
  • Menu title: Title of the block
  • Sidebar menu: Select menu to show in the sidebar. See official documentation about navigations
    Collection page configuration
Sidebar bestseller

This setting allows to show a products carousel on the sidebar only in collections list page. It is not showing on collection details pages.

  • Block title: Title of the carousel
  • Collection: Select one of the collections to show on the sidebar
  • Number of product to show at once: Products are shown in one column. This number specifies how many rows to show in the carousel
    Sidebar carousel
Filter and scroll method
  • Enable ajax filter products

    Replace the collection filtered result without page refresh.

    Following images are kinds of collection filters.

    Filter by color Filter by tags
  • Scroll down to products list on page load

    Smoothly scrolls down to the main products area.


Product Options
Product template layout Choose layout of the product details page

You can choose specific products to have certain product layout. See how to do it.

Enable product image zoom Choose layout of the product details page
Product zoom image position Set position of the zoom image
I am using review app: Venedor integrated most popular review apps by default. If you installed your prefered review app, then choose it from here. If the app is not listed here, it means the app is not integrated in the theme yet. Please contact us or app developer in that case.
  • Don't show reviews: If you use unsupported app or you don't need reviews app, then choose this option.
  • Product Reviews by Shopify
  • Ali Reviews
  • Loox - Photo Reviews
  • - Product Reviews
  • Product Reviews UGC
Show product availability Show product inventory information
Hide untracked products
Hide product availaiblity for untracked products
Product Options
Product options style Style of the product swatches Product swatch style
Product options design Style of the product swatches - Rectangle or Circle. This option only works when product options style is set to swatch.
Swatch type for colors Select color swatch type.
  • Color swatch: Simple color swatch. Use supported color names
  • Custom image swatch: Use custom images for the color swatches. See details here
  • Product variant image: Use variant image for the color swatch.
Countdown style Set style of the time countdown widget.
Product card options
Image size Set size of the image to show in the product cards.
Show wishlist icon inthe vertical cards On the top right corner, wishlist button will be added
Show product type in the card Enable to show product type
Show vendor in the card Enable to show product vendor
Show swatches in the card Enable to show color swatches
Hide swatch when there is
only one available option
If the product has one available variant, then hide swatch options
Swatch size Set swatch size
Show product name after price Move product name under the product price
Product label styel Control the capitalization of labels
Product sale info Set the sale label type. Show discounted percentage or static text label for sale.
Product quick actions position Set the position of quick action buttons. Quick action buttons will appear when you hover on the product cards.
Product quick actions style Set the style of quick action buttons.
Show quickview action Show quickview button in the card
Show add cart action Show add cart button in the card
Show add to wishlist action Show wishlist button in the card
Show add to compare action Show compare button in the card
Product Card
Size chart settings

Thumbnails style: Set product image thumbnails of quickview popup

Quickview settings
Show general size chart for all products Use same size chart for all products
Size chart page Select size chart page. Watch video guide.


Cart page configuration
  • Cart icon: Cart icon style
    Cart icon variations
  • Cart dropdown effect: Choose on of the options to add effect on cart dropdown
    Cart fade Cart dropdown


You can skip this section if you are not going to use wishlist options

  1. Go to Online Store > Pages and then Click Add page.
  2. Input page title and select template suffix on the right side.
  3. Click Save Setup Wishlist Setup Wishlist
  4. Go to Online Store > Themes and then click Customize button.
  5. Click Theme settings and go to Wishlist option below. Setup Wishlist
  6. Click Wishlist page link input box and then select wishlist. Setup Wishlist

Social media

Social settings

Image: When you share a link to your online store on social media, such as on Facebook or Pinterest, you can display a thumbnail image in your post

Share product

Select social platforms to allow customers share product

Share product


Animation settings
Loading Icons
Image waiting icon Set the SVG animation when loading images.
  • None: No effect. Just fade up images
  • Oval:
  • Three dots:
Popups loading icon Set animation effect when loading popup dialogs.
  • Audio:
  • Ball triangle:
  • Bars:
  • Grid:
  • Oval:
  • Puff:
  • Rings:
  • Spinning circles:
  • Tail spins:
  • Three dots:
Popup Animations Set the animation when opening newsletter signup form. Click below links to see the animations:
Add Cart Button
Aminate to attract Set button amination. The actions is repeated every 10 seconds.

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Mobile Settings

Mobile settings
Use mobile header designs If this option is enabled, a section called Mobile Header will appear under Header section.Venedor has 4 mobile header styles. Use one of these design. Mobile settings
Enable sticky header on mobile You can disable/enable sticky header on mobiles.
Product Cards
Product card action behavior You can show quick buttons when user touches product cards. Or let them visit the product details page.

Custom Style

Custom style

Insert your custom styles here. Custom styles are top priority as they are inserted after all other styles.