Venedor Section - Recently Viewed Products

Section Show - Recently viewed products
Show section Show/hide this section
Section Margin Space between other sections. Order is top-right-bottom-left.
Background image Set background image to be appear on the right side. Recommended size: Width 477px, height 184px
Section Title Set section title
Enable Carousel Enable/disable carousel. Products are displayed in grid layout if this option is disabled.
Products to show per row Set the number of products to show in one row
Number of rows Set number of rows to show. Total number of products are calculated by multiplying this field and number of products to show in one row
Autoplay speed Set the speed of autoplay. Advance cells every {Number} seconds. Set 0 to disable autoplay.Auto-playing will pause when mouse is hovered over, and resume when mouse is hovered off. Auto-playing will stop when the carousel is clicked or a cell is selected.
Show Pagination Dots Creates and enables page dots.
Show Navigation Creates and enables previous & next buttons
Navigator position Set position of navigator.
  • Top right
  • Top center
  • Middle center
Product Card Style Set product card style. View Examples
  • Horizontal
  • Vertical