Product Main Information

Here is Shopify Official Documentation about Products.

  1. Navigate Shopify Admin > Themes > Customize.
  2. Click template dropdown and select Product pages.
  3. Select Main Information tab under sections list.
    Navigate to product page settings
Product page settings
  • Product image position: Set where to show product images
  • Slider thumbnails position: Set where to show product thumbnails
    Product thumbnails variation
  • Space between product image and thumbnails: Set space between image and thumbnails. Unit is pixel.
  • Enable Link to Prev/Next Products: Add prev/next navigation button. Previous and next products are all in same collection.
  • Show Product Availability: Tell customer if the product is available.
  • Show Product SKU: Show Product SKU info
  • Show vendors: Show product vendor info
  • Show dynamic checkout button: Show Buy Now button
  • Product badge style: Select one of product badge styles pre-defined by the theme.
  • Product badge position: Set where to show product badges

You can use svg icon or your custom image on the product badge items

  • Icon Name: Icon to show with the text. Browse our icons
  • Title: Input badge title.