Venedor Section - Service Promotion Type 1

Section Setting - Service Promotion Type 1
  • Show Promotion Text: Show/hide this section.
  • Section Margin: Space between other sections. Order is top-right-bottom-left.
  • Section Padding: Space inside the section. Order is top-right-bottom-left.
  • Section Title: Set section title
  • Section description: Set description of the section
  • Background Image: Set background image of this section. Recommended image size is 1920 X 670px
  • Background color: Set background color of this section.
  • Block count in one row: Set number of blocks to show in one row.
  • Style: Set block style.
    Section Example - Service Promotion Type 1
  • Icon Name: Icon name of block. Browse our icons
  • Title: Set title of the block.
  • Text: Set description text of the block