Venedor Section - Service Promotion Type 3

Section Show - Service Promotion Type 3
Show section Show/hide this section
Section Layout Set width of the section.
  • Fixed Width
  • Full Width
Section Margin Space between other sections. Order is top-right-bottom-left.
Section Padding Space around items container. Order is top-right-bottom-left.
Section Title Set title of this section
Block count in one row Set the number of blocks in one row
Item Padding Space around item. Order is top-right-bottom-left. View structure
Show index number Show/hide index number behind block title.
Background color Set background color of items.
Active item background Set background of hovered item.
Title color Set block title color.
Description color Set block description color.
Index color Set index number hovered color.
Service image Set image of the block. Recommended size is width: 200px, height: 212px
Title Input service title.
Description Input service description
Button Title Set button text
Name of icon after text Set icon name to show after button text. Browse our icons
Link To Set target page/url to send customers.