Extra video section

You can show extra video section for specific products.

Extra video section

Upload video

  1. Navigate Shopify Admin > Products, Open a product to show the extra video.
  2. Go to Media block and then upload your video.
  3. Once the video is uploaded, click it and add alt text.
  4. At the end of the alt text, append [vnd_extra].

Section settings

  1. Navigate Shopify Admin > Themes > Customize.
  2. Click template dropdown and select Product pages.
  3. Select Extra Video tab under sections list.
    Navigate to product page settings

Extra video settings
Show section Show/hide this section
Section margin on desktop Set space between other sections on desktops.
Section margin on laptop Set space between other sections on laptop.
Section margin on mobile Set space between other sections on mobile.
Layout & Design
Section width Set width of section.
  • Fix width: container width
  • 1500px
  • Full width
Number of columns Set layout of the videos. You can show unlimited videos in this section.
Space between videos Set space between videos when there are more than 2.
Show video controls Show/hide controls of original video player
Enable autoplay of video Autoplays video on page load
Loop video after finish The video will start over again, every time it is finished.
Mute video by default Mute audio output of the video.
Show play/pause button Show custom play/pause button. The play/pause button is designed by the theme, not from the video player.
Button color Set color of play/pause button.
Button X position Set X position of the button.
Button Y position Set Y position of the button.