Venedor Section - Text With Image 2

Section settings

Blocks: You can add blocks as many as you want. Click here to go to the block settings.

  • Space settings
    • Section margin: Set space between other sections. Unit is pixel.
    • Section padding on desktop: Set padding of the section on desktop. Width > 1400px devices are considered as desktop.
    • Section padding on laptops: Set padding of the section on laptop. 1400px > Width > 768px devices are considered as laptop.
    • Section padding on mobile: Set padding of the section on mobile. Width < 769xp devices are considered as mobile.
  • Section settings
    • Background color: Set section background.
    • Section title: Set title. Line breaks are preserved.
    • Section description: Set description. Line breaks are preserved.
  • Carousel settings
    • Autoplay: Set autoplay duration. Unit is second. Input 0 to disable autoplay.
    • Group cells together in slides?: Show one by one or group by group.
    • Show pagination dots
    • Dots color: Set the color of pagination dots.
    • Dots hover color: Set color of an active or hovered pgaination dot.
    • Show navigation
    • Naviagtor position: Choose where to show the navigation buttons.
    • Navigation color: Set navigation button color
    • Add box-shadow to navigators: This option adds box-shadow effect around navigation buttons.
    • Padding between blocks: Set space between blocks.

Block settings

  • Settings

    • Background image: Set an image to show on the right side of the block. Recommended format is PNG and dimension is 180px * 260px.
    • Content style: Choose one of the text styles from a pre-defined list.
    • Set text
      • Sub title: Set the top text.
      • Main title: Set main title.
      • Description: Set description text.

      Use <small></small> tag to show a smaller text. In the example at the bottom, there is a smaller text $.

    • Text Colors
      • Sub title color: Set main title.
    • Button
      • Button title
      • Icon after text: Input an icon name to show in the button. This icon will reside on the right side of the text. Browse icons
      • Button link: Set the link of button. You can select a page of your store or copy-paste a URL here.
      • Button style: Choose one of the buttons defined in the theme settings.

    • Label: Set label text
    • Label color: Set text color
    • Label background: Set background color
  • Example block