Product Features

You can show this section for selected products only.

  1. Navigate to store Admin > product
  2. Go to the products list > and select the product to add feature section.
  3. Go to the Selected product detailed page and then upload product image of recomended resolution 602x620 pixel in .png format.
  4. Click uploaded image to open and then click on edit alt text button.
    Add [vnd_special] in the text field and then input title. Use <br> for line break.
  5. Go to the product customization page and see the the product uploaded image.
  6. Click the product feature section from left sidebar.

Section content list

Product feature section content setting

Add or edit block contents. You can attach blocks to products. ( There is an option to choose the target product in this block settings.)

  • All-Day Play: Setup section contents
  • Pure Adaptive Noise: Set the block title
  • Charge and Go: Setup section contents
  • Stereo Bluetooth: Setup section contents
  • Seemless Switching : Setup section contents
  • Noise Isolation : Setup section contents

Block content setting

Product feature section content information settings
  • Select product to show this link: By choosing a product in this setting, you will show this block in that product details page. If you dont set, This block is showed across all products that have a product media with [vnd_special] alt text.
  • Title: Set the block title
  • Description: Block description
  • Icon Name: SVG icon name. Browse icons

Section setting

Product features block settings Product features block settings
  • Show/Hide this section: You can hide this section if you don't want to it.
  • Section Space: Set space between other sections
    • Section Margin on Desktop: Set margin for section top-right-bottom-left (e.g. 20px 15px 10px 0).
    • Section Margin on Laptop: Set margin for section top-right-bottom-left
    • Section Margin on Mobile: Set margin for mobile d
  • Section Settings
    • Section Width: Fix and Full width
    • Set minimum height 320px on mobiles: Background images and videos can be cropped when this option is enabled
    • Title color: Set Title color
    • Background ColorSet Background color
  • Product Information Texts: Set colors of text and icons
    • Information title color: Set Information title color
    • Description color: Set Description color
    • Icon background color: Set Icon background color
    • Icon color: Set Icon color