Venedor Section - Slideshow with side menu

Section blocks

  • Section blocks are the individual sliders. Add sliders as much as you want. There are 3 types of sliders: Whole slider, Portrait half 1/2, Landscape Half 1/2.
  • Whole slide: This slide occupies full width and height of the parent.
  • Portrait half 1/2: This slide occupies full height and half width of the parent. Fit this kind of slides into even numbers.
  • Landscape Half 1/2: This slide occupies half height and full width of the parent. Fit this kind of slides into even numbers.

Section settings

  • Slideshow settings
    • Slider width: Set slide width. You can extend it to the page end or limit it into parent's container.
    • Slide images height: Set the image height. You can use the original image ratio or content size or set it manually.
    • Set minimum height 320px on mobiles
    • Transition Effect: Fade or slide
    • Autoplay: Set autoplay speed. Input 0 to disable autoplay.
    • Show pagination dots
    • Dots color: Set pagination dots color
    • Dots hover color: Set color of an active or hovered pgaination dot.
    • Show Navigation
    • Navigation Color: Set navigation button color
    • Add box-shadow to navigators: This option adds box-shadow effect around navigation buttons.
  • Menu settings
    • Side Menu: Assign a menu to show on the left side of this section.
  • Section settings
    • Section padding on desktop: Set padding of the section on desktop. Width > 1400px devices are considered as desktop.
    • Section padding on laptops: Set padding of the section on laptop. 1400px > Width > 768px devices are considered as laptop.
    • Section padding on mobile: Set padding of the section on mobile. Width < 769xp devices are considered as mobile.
    • Section width: Set container width of the section.
    • Background color: Set section background.