Venedor Section - Google Map

Section - Google Map
Section - Google Map settings

In order to start using Google Maps, you need your own API token generated.

How to get API key from Google Account
  • Google API key: API key generated in Google for the purpose of using maps.
  • Latitude: Geographical latitude coordinate of the store's location.
  • Longitude: Geographical longitude coordinate of the store's location.
  • Map Style: Specifies the visual appearance and style of the Google map.
  • Section Margin: Spacing between this section and other sections, with the order being top-right-bottom-left.
  • Map Height: Height of the map in pixels (px). Ensure to include 'px' after specifying the number.
  • Show/Hide contact form: Visibility of the contact form on the map.
  • Form Style: Allows you to choose the preferred style for the form. An image example is provided below for reference. Section - Google Map
  • Title: Title or heading for the contact form.
  • Email Placeholder: Placeholder text within the email input box.
  • Review Placeholder: Placeholder text for the review form.
  • Button Text: Text displayed on the button associated with the form.