Venedor Section - Text With Image 1

Section Setting - Text with image
  • Section Margin: Space between other sections. Order is top-right-bottom-left.
  • Section Padding: Space inside the section. Order is top-right-bottom-left.
  • Section Title: Title of this section.
  • Section Description: Set section description text
  • Layout: Set full width or fixed width
  • Padding between blocks: Set space between blocks. Unit is px.
  • Border width when mouse hover: Set active border width on blocks when mouse hover. Set 0 to disable the feature.
  • Background Image: Set background image of the block
  • Content Position: Choose where to show the content
  • Content style: Choose one of pre-defined text styles
  • Sub title: Top text
  • Sub title color: Top text color
  • Main title: Main text
  • Title color: Set color of main title
  • Button Title: Set title of button
  • Link To: Set button link
  • Button Style: Set style of button defined in color settings. See configuring button colors here.
Section Example - Text with image