Venedor Section - Collections Tab

Section - Collections Tab
Section - Collections Tab Settings
  • Section Margin: Space between other sections. Order is top-right-bottom-left
  • Section Title: Title of this section
  • Tab title font style: Normal or italic
  • Tab title style: Left small, Center big, Center with icon
    Section - Collections Tab Title Variations
  • Product card style: Venedor has 6 kinds of product card styles. Choose one of them.
    Section - Product Card Variations
  • Show border around product cards: Add border to product card
  • Number of columns
  • Number of products to show: Total number of products to show in the grid
Section - Collections Tab Content
  • Collection: Add collection
  • Collection icon: Icon to show with collection name. Browse our icons

Collection icon: This only works when Tab title style is set to Center with icon in above setting.